Wedding Dress Cleaning and Stain Removal Specialist in TokyoNasu Cleaning(なすクリーニング)


No Need to Give Up on That Stubborn Stain on Your Favorite Dress !! Let Nasu Cleaning Work on It with the Latest Removal Techniques

Incomparable Stain Removal Technology

We, at Nasu Cleaning,  provides high quality cleaning services by using the techniques that we have developed and polished over years.  Today, our state-of-the-art cleaning technology is receiving strong interest both from home and abroad.

As known, Japan has technical advantages in many different fields. “Stain removal” is one of them. Today’s stain removal remedies used in Japan are incomparable to those used in other countries.

Historically, the Japanese have invented unique stain removal methods for their precious silk kimonos. In old times, they even used birds’ droppings, particularly the droppings of Japanese bush warbler. They learned that the bird’s droppings contain the substance that efficiently cleans stains. Of course, such method is no longer used, however,  the wisdom of the ancients still give us clues.

Trust Your One and Only Dress to Nasu Cleaning

By utilizing various chemical agents, sophisticated equipment and advanced knowledge,  Nasu Cleaning removes almost all kinds of stains without changing the original fabric texture and characteristics.

If you have a dress or any outfit with stains that seem impossible to be removed, contact Nasu Cleaning before you give up. You will be surprised to see the result we can bring to you.

View Actual Cases

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  1. Soil stains on hemline
  2. Soil and oil stains on hemline
  3. Blood stains
  4. Red soil stain
  5. Stains of wine, flower, grass, etc.
  6. Stains caused by under arm sweat
  7. Recovery work on a 30 year-old dress

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Almost all wine stains are removable.

Food After determining the cause of the stains, a proper removal method is used.
Yellowing Stains of clear colored drinks may cause yellowing  during storage.
Soil Dress hem stained with red soil.
Sweat Underarm sweat stains.
Old Stain Stains on an antique dress.
Dirt Stains on a dress hem.
Stain on a lace Old stains on a wedding dress vail.
Stains on a designer suit (Harrods) The suit was stored clean but stains came out over time.

Stains on a designer coat (Gucci)

Yellowing caused by underarm sweat.
Stains on a designer down jacket (Armani)

An amazing result. Stubborn stains were completely removed.